Simplicity - It's the Key to Getting What You Want

By Tony Mase


It's not hard to feel overwhelmed. After all, the house is cluttered, work is stressful, the rush hour commute is long, and that cell phone never seems to stop ringing!

With all of that noise in your life, it's easy for your inner voice to be squashed. And when that happens, it leads to a whole host of other problems - like irritability, fatigue, extreme stress, and feeling like nothing ever goes your way.

So, how do you quiet all of the noise and get what you want out of life?

Keep it simple!

I know - simplicity seems like an out-of-reach dream when the kids need to be picked up, when the laundry needs to be done, and when your boss needs you to work overtime.

The key to making it work is baby steps. Don't try to give your life a complete overhaul right off the bat. Instead, do a few "little" things each day that can help you achieve inner peace - like shutting off the TV and curling up with a good book, silencing your cell phone and going to bed early, or visualizing a happy, more peaceful life the next time you're stuck in traffic. Things like this won't change your whole life, but they're a good start in the right direction.

So, what happens next?

It won't take long for you to feel more refreshed. And, once you do, it'll be easier to take bigger steps, like:

- Getting away from people who drag you down.

We all have that certain "someone" who brings out our negative side. Gradually remove that person from your life.

- Limit the frustration in your life by doing everything you can to avoid controversy and conflict.

This doesn't mean you can't stand up for yourself. It just means not arguing with a co-worker over something trivial or battling with your kids over what you want to eat for dinner.

- Don't give difficult things any more attention than necessary.

If the boss wants you to stay late on Friday night to finish a big project, it's OK to be mad you're missing "date night" with your husband. However, realize there's nothing you can do to change it. Don't let your anger consume you and ruin the rest of your weekend.

- Get rid of the clutter.

Be willing to throw away (or donate!) things you don't need anymore. Once your house, car, and workspace are less cluttered, you'll be amazed at how much better you feel!

Once you focus more on what you CAN control - rather than what you CAN'T control - it'll change your entire life. You'll start to be more aware of what's going on inside you and you'll feel a sense of balance. As a result, you'll inspire better behavior from others and you'll start to experience more positivity in your life.

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